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Discovering the Catawba

Although the Catawba survived through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the most critical period of their history, they slipped into obscurity. It took American academics a long time to discover this isolated Indian pottery-making community. In 1884, the United States Bureau of Ethnology sent Edward Palmer, a field anthropologist, to the reservation (Holmes 1903 55). Today, the Smithsonian's Catawba collection dates from Palmer's field trip and is the oldest in the United States. Then in 1888 a South Carolina writer and would-be ethnologist, MacDonald Furman, took an interest in the Catawba and wrote about them in the local press (Furman 1888). He alone sparked South Carolina's interest in the Catawba. My great adventure with the Catawba Indians began in June 1970. I was a Ph.D. candidate at the University of South Carolina, and my task at hand was to write a term paper on an obscure South Carolina writer. The temperature outside was in the high 90s and the relative humidity...

Arretium Figurine

Facturing, also, must have played a prominent part in the life of the ancient Arretines, for among all the Etruscan towns, it is noteworthy that only Arretium was called upon to furnish shields and spears and other equipment for Scipio's fleet.1 For an extensive production of vases we have no evidence from the earlier period of the city. The Etruscan tombs of the ancient necropolis have yielded specimens of the ordinary Etruscan black ware (bucchero), as well as imported Greek vases, but these do not differ essentially from the vases found on other Etruscan sites.2 The fact that early bronze coins found at Arezzo have a vase as the type on the reverse has sometimes been urged as a proof of the early importance of the vase-maker's art, but the argument is of very doubtful value.8 The vases to which the name Arretine is given, at all events, belong distinctly to the Roman period.4 They are mentioned several times by Roman writers of the first century a.d. and later in such a way as to...

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