Lamp signedPI

L 2933. P.L. 0.106; W. 0.061; H. 0.029. Handle missing.

Buff to grayish clay; dull, reddish brown glaze, much blackened around nozzle and discus.

Rather flat body; wide discus surrounded by raised edge. On the narrow rim, imbricate pattern. Nozzle triangular. On the flat base, signature in relief, the letters retrograde, TTocp I a|io I vov. Howland no. 665, type 49 B.

Though not of the gray clay and black glaze typical of Ephesos lamps (Broneer's type XIX), G 134 has a shape not inconsistent with that type; the signature TTapaiiovou occurs also on another Agora lamp of Howland's type 49 A which is of gray clay with gray glaze (L 4027, Howland no. 664).

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