Cooking potPI

P 22085. P.H. 0.10; H. rest. 0.118; D. rest. 0.125. Fragmentary; bottom and most of handle missing; restored (the base on the analogy of P 16089).

Coarse, brittle, reddish clay, fired black on exterior; thin fabric.

Globular body on flat base, set off from the wall; the lip flares out and is set off from the body by an angular ridge. Single handle. Three horizontal grooves within the handle zone.

P 22086. P.H. 0.086; H. rest. 0.09; D. 0.098. Foot and part of body missing; restored (the foot restored on the basis of an analogous fragment stored with the uninventoried sherds of Layer lib). Fabric as G 117.

Almost globular body on low ring foot; body constricted sharply below the plain, everted rim; no handles.

P 22087. H. 0.152; D. 0.131. Fragmentary; most of handle missing; restored.

Rather coarse, brittle, brownish buff clay, fired gray-black on exterior; thin fabric.

Plump body narrowing sharply at bottom to a small, flat base; plain, low, everted rim. Single rolled handle.

The shape is similar to that of [G 103], but the fabric and handle are quite different.

P 11514. H. 0.19; D. 0.143. Fragmentary; restored. Coarse, reddish brown to gray-brown clay. Plump body with flat base; shoulder almost horizontal; high neck, widening toward the plain, trefoil lip; grooved handle; four grooves around neck at lip.

The shape is similar to that of [G 104], but the fabric is different.

Storage, Layer Ha—neck fragments of two similar jugs.

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