Shallow bowlPI

P 11866. H. 0.032; D. rest. 0.128. Fragmentary; restored.

Soft, gritty, reddish buff clay, fired partly yellow-buff on surface. Base left rough from wheel. Compare F 53.

P 8940. H. 0.037; D. 0.05. Handle missing. Hard, buff clay. Faint traces (?) of white paint on exterior.

Squat jug with flat base (left rough from wheel) and small, everted lip; single, vertical handle.

Compare D 22 (middle of 2nd century B.C.) and P 12154 (early 1st century B.C. filling of Deposit N 20:4), both of which are covered with black glaze. F 55 may be earlier than the mass of material in the upper fill of Deposit N 19:1.

P 8939. H. 0.085; D. 0.044. Part of lip restored. Hard, buff clay.

Jug with ovoid body on flaring foot; flat base (left rough from wheel); small, everted lip.

P 9530. P.H. 0.055; D. 0.033. Foot missing. Hard, buff clay. Handmade. As F 56, but smaller.

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