Ovalmouthed Amphoras

52 (C 8971). Oval-mouthed amphora Fig. 37

50% preserved, 42 sherds with many joins. Complete rim and neck, both handles, 60% upper body, 10% mid body, 30% lower body, 60% base. Complete profile. H. 0.420, Diam. rim 0.066-0.113, max. Diam. 0.261, Diam. base 0.176.

Medium-coarse fabric with reddish yellow fracture and interior surface, and paler reddish yellow exterior surface. 10% inclusions. Coil-built. Attachments of neck and handles well-integrated. Paint splatters, colored dilute dark brown to strong brown, over entire exterior clay surface, including rim and handles. Interior unpainted.

Dump, dark brown soil stratum northeast (trench 87B, pails 112 [2], 112C [1], 114 [1], 115 [4], 116 [9], 116D [12]) and east (trench 87B, pail 116E [10]) of kiln. Also in mixed MM II-LM IA debris just west of Gallery 6 of Building P (trench 90A, pail 46 [3]), providing a terminus post quem for the date of this disturbance.

Fabric sample 95/57; fabric group 2a.

53 (C 10597). Oval-mouthed amphora Fig. 37

25% preserved, 50 sherds mended into 32 nonjoining pieces. 33% rim, 50% neck and shoulder, 25% body, 33% base, handle scar, no lower body. Pres. H. 0.355, Diam. rim 0.075-0.144, max. Diam. 0.261, Diam. base 0.131.

Medium-coarse fabric with reddish yellow fracture and exterior surface, and pink interior surface. 7% inclusions. Coil-built. Body apparently much more piriform than that of 52. Large simplified plant motif covering either side of exterior body, painted in dilute light red to red on a very pale brown slip. Traces of paint on rim. Interior coated with very pale brown slip.

Dump, light brown soil stratum east of kiln (trench 87B, pails 82 [14], 83 [6]); dark brown soil stratum northeast (trench 87B, pails 109 [8], 111 [19], 112 [1]) and north (trench 87B, pail 112B [2]) of kiln.

Fabric sample 95/52; fabric group 2a.

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