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Cniii^KA. Kslnhliiilu'it 1745; »-«twiitl 1769« Tranhfumal tn I nui.sbury, of 1 hrby.

CtxMiiman cmmm


Svvanska. Established 1750; taken by (». llaym% 1780 \ ceased i8ao, tuid removed to Cuali>ort<






Svvansha. Marks.


Llanrlly. Founded by Chambers. In 1868, Woivnzou and Co.


Nantgarw. Established 1813, by Billingsley ; ceased 1820.


Dum,in. Uncertain. About 1760.


Donovan, Dublin.

Bkluckk. Established 1856, by Messrs. Armstrong and McBirney.

t'litltell Uy ÜAt.l.AM'Vftl , f t AftVtN Ivlîlllmrûll i,(ï»»rlr»tt

Publications Hold hy //T Reeves

83 CHARING CROSS R«I.OMION, W r lai!»;i. l''i»njm%-, nvrr j jif tíiiíí ímp^n-t nvm.

marks and monogram« on european and oriental pottery and porcelain. i'.v wv. rnaihv.

With Uí^Mfíc.ll Nnfirr, nf f\tt it M.ltttlht'My, |*trrn|r>l I«y Introductory fcv-.iy nn An» irnf !%»ffrty .»ml nti fhr \\t. t In fit?-* uf Kti(*Iaml ¡»ltd Mnlí,rvat Í*Utlhrn\v,»tr* Vrv.rl., with nvri ^twi Putters* Marks »mI nitr*fr.»ti»m<, irvr«rd ¿itvl riliM t<> I1, t.ni it-PilCt.f». Ornament.*! t:lt»lh,Ninth I difinti, with Addiliniwl fufotiiií* tion and Mailt'*, 44*, filtiHTIf KMIION, * r>V.U*l,KAM V Ar»;Ml,MI'lt ASJ* {'Alt*-.! f'M.V Kr.vi^u nv A, Makkiiam.

hall marks on gold and silver plate. u> wm,

Ciiawkhs. tllu«ti;Urd with Ucvi,nl T.»Mr* mí Atimw) I totr Lettei:» employed in the tYüny Qltiirr, nl the Tfiifnl kitipÍMm. 34ú pp., royal Svo, dnlh,

Tins r,f Hi inn rout,iin. h Hhliiry nfilir tin!«! -.miih\ Tt.ulr in 1'i.tiiir, uiili rUi.uJ', from ill« »Infer*» irl.itttiK thnirtri, unit nijjMviup ni ll»r 'iini»»l*ml ttltd i tll»»«i used itt tlmt «iHUttry ;n Wftll in tttlirr I'tim*;» Slalc-». The t'iiivh» wl T.il»lc» nt KCnislum! uml Sn>il«ud iniitain *i«i*»y liithemi titij^iiMi^firrt Mktrki; nil llm tríen» cimetmantt are «juittrtl. Thr Ignition Tulile* (wliii It li,*vr nrvrt Mifjiannn»! int correcttw«) muy imw I»« «rnisitíntc«! r.iuHjiIctc. Many vuhiulile Hint'* in C»tllrr.foi 1» arc jjivcn, unit of fraud all u< led tn, &<:.

Tub Companion to "IIai.l Marks on (im,u ami Sll.Vlfitt I'LATI'm"

GILDA AURIFABRORUM, By Wm. Chapkkrs. A History of English Goldsmiths and Plateworkers and their Mark** staniped on Plate, copied in facsimile from celebrated Kxamples and the earliest Records preserved at Goldsmiths' Hall, London, with their names, addresses and dates of entry, 2500 Illustrations; also Historical Account of the Goldsmiths' Company and their Hull Marks and Regalia ; the Mint; Closing of the Kxchuquer; Goldsmith líankcrs; Shop Signs, a Copious Index, &c. New Edition, 267 pp., royal 8vo, cloth, 12s.

//'. AWvt'jr, 83 Charing Cross ttotuiy London, IVX.

COLLECTOR'S HANDBOOK OF MARKS AND MONOGRAMS ON POTTERY AND PORCELAIN OF THE RENAISSANCE AND MODERN PERIOD. By Wm. Ciiaki- icks. Selected from his larger work. New Edition, Revised and considerably Augmented 1 iy F. Lrrrumi.i). Fourteenth Thousand, xxxii. and 234 pp., post 8vo, clmh, gilt, 6s.

HANDBOOK TO HALL MARKS ON GOLD AND SILVER PLATE. By Wm. Ciiakfkrs. With Revised Tables of Annual Dale Letters Employed in the Assay Offices of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Kdited and Intended hy C. A, Markham, F.S.A. Crown Svo, cloth, 5s.

HANDBOOK TO FOREIGN HALL MARKS ON GOLD AND SILVER PLATE (except those on French Plate). By CiiR. A. Mark ham, F.S.A. Containing 163 .stamps, crown 8vo, cloth» 5s.

HANDBOOK TO FRENCH HALL MARKS ON GOLD AND SILVER PLATE, J)y C. Makkiiam. Illustrated. Crown Svo, cloth, 5.s. 1900.

The jilMive Two JIanuhouks, in conjunction with the two of Ciiai-hkhs, complete the set of four Handbooks.

RURAL RIDES in the Counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hants, Wilts, Gloucestershire, &c. By W. Comum*. Edited with Life, New Notes, and the addition of a copious Index, New Edition hy lTrr Comiett. Map an<l Portrait, 2 vols., crown Svo, xlviii. and 806 pp., cloth gilt, 12s. 6d.

"Cobbett's 'Rural Rides' is to u^. a delightful book, hut it is 011c which few people know. \Vc arc not .sure that tip to the present time it was impossible to uct a nice edition of it. We arc therefore jdad to i,cc that Messrs. Reeves & Turner's recently published edition is a very creditable production, two handy well-filled volumes."—Hardening.

THE POETICAL WORKS OF JOHN KEATS (large type), given from his own Editions and other Authentic Sources, and collated with many Manuscripts, edited by II. Buxton Forman, Portrait. Sixth Edition, 628 pp., crown Svo, buckram, 8s.

THE LETTERS OF JOHN KEATS (large type). Complete Revised Edition, with a Portrait not published in previous Editions, and Twenty-four Contemporary Views of Places visited by Keats. Edited by 31. Buxton Forman. 519 pp. Crown 8vo, buckram, 8s.

THE SHELLEY LIBRARY- An Essay in Bibliography, by II. Buxton Forman, Shelley's Books, Pamphlets and Broadsides, Posthumous Separate Issues, and Posthumous Books, wholly or mainly by him. 127 pp., 8vo, Part I., wrappers, 3s. 6d.

SID.ONIA THE SORCERESS. By William Meinhold. Translated by Lady Wn.DE ; with the "Amber Witch," translated by Lady Dufk Gordon. In 2 vols., crown 8vo, 8s. 6d. 1S94.

POETICAL WORKS. By James "B. V." Thomson. The City of Dreadful Night, Vane's Story, Wcddah and Om-el-Bonain, Voice from the Hell, and Poetical Remains. Edited by B. Domain with Memoir and Portrait. 2 vols., thick crown Svo, cloth, 12s. 6cl.

BIOGRAPHICAL AND CRITICAL STUDIES. By James « B. V.Thomson. 483 pages, crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

LORD CHESTERFIELD'S LETTERS TO HIS SON. Edited with Occasional Elucidatory Notes, Translations of all the Latin, French, and Italian Quotations, and a Biographical Notice of the Author. By Chas. Stokes Carey. 2 vols., crown Svo, bevelled cloth, I Os. 6cl.

FLAGELLATION AND THE FLAGELLANTS. A History of the Rod in all Countries, by the Rev. W. M. CoorER. Plates and Cuts, thick crown 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. (issued at 12s. 6d.).

HOW TO UNDERSTAND WAGNER'S " RING OF THE NIBELUNG." Being the Story and a Descriptive Analysis of the "Rhcingold," the "Valkyr," "Siegfried," and the "Dusk of the Gods," with a number of Musical Examples by Gustave Kobb&. Sixth Edition, post 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

"To be appreciated in the smallest way Wagner must be studied in "advance."—

Illustrated London Arews.

W. Reeves, 83 Charing Cross Road, London, IV. C.


NATIONAL AND PATRIOTIC SONG ALBUM. With Pianoforte Accompaniment, containing the following popular pieces

Handsome Copyright Album of 81 pages, with coloured cover, printed on good paper, 2 Books, is. each

Ye Mariners of England. The Bay of Biscay. Hearts of Oak.

God Save the King. God Bless the Prince Wales.

England). Victoria.

God Bless our Sailor Prince. Here's a Health unto His

Majesty. Lord of the Sea. The Roast Beef of Old England.

The Blue Bells of Scotland.

Tom Bowling.

Come, Lasses and Lads.

Stand United.

The Cause of England's

Greatness. The Last Rose of Summer. The Leather Bottel. Home, Sweet Home. Three Cheers for the Red,

White, and Blue. The Minstrel Boy. The British Grenadiers. Auld Langsyne. Rule, Britannia.

The King's Royal Album, No. 3

MARCHES, for the Pianoforte, by John Philip Sousa, Folio Album, is., containing:—

  1. The Washington Post.
  2. Manhattan Beach.
  3. The Liberty Bell.
  4. High School Cadets.
  5. The Belle of Chicago.
  6. The Corcoran Cadets.
  7. Our Flirtation.
  8. March Past of the Rifle


9. March Past of the

National Fencibles. 10. Semper Fidelts,

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