Inscriptions On Chinese Porcelain

Jin-ho-kouan. " House of Humanity and Concord/' uii-1125.

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Ou-m-lao-jin. "The old man who lives in solitude." 1567-1619.

Tchou-fou-yao. " Porcelain of the palace." 1260-1367.

u Happiness, riches, and long life." ' The five blessings.

"Three fishes." Siouen-te period.

41 Three fruits." 1426-1435.

<{ Three mushrooms." 1426-1435.

Woo'fith. "The five blessings/'

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The word "Happiness" repeated five times.

IVoo-fuh-Iin-7irun. "May the five blessings enter here."

Cheou. "Longevity." 1426-1435.

Fuh-koitey-fchang-tchtm. " Richcs, high rank, and long life."

'/hsieou. "Wine." 1521-1566.

Tscto-Cang. "Jujubes." 1522-1566.

Cheoa -pi-uan -chart. Fou-jou-toimg-hai.

A'iang-fang. " Ginger." 1522-1566.

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