Frederick Litchfield

Mr: •■Wilftam^affers' Works ? ! • »,»_■ _1

LARGfeJCqiVipN. 1000 pp., Imp. 8vo.

marks ana monograms on Curopean ana Oriental Potterp ana porcelain

With Historical Notices of each Manufactory, preceded by an Introductory Essay on the Vasa Fictilia of the Greek, Romano-British, and Mediaeval Eras. Ornamental cloth, 42s.

Eighth Edition, revised and considerably augmented, with upwards of 3500 Potters' marks and illustrations.

A New Edition, considerably Augmented and carefully Revised.

Ball marks on Gold and Siloer Plate

With Tables of Date Letters used in all the Assay Offices of the United Kingdom. 346 pp., royal 8vo, cloth, 16s.

This (Eighth) Edition contains a History of the Goldsmiths' trade in France, with extracts from the decrees relating thereto, and engravings of the standard and other Marks used in that country as well as in other foreign states. The Provincial Tables of England and Scotland contain many hitherto unpublished Marks; all the recent enactments are quoted. The London Tables (which have never been surpassed for correctness) may now be considered complete. Many valuable hints to Collectors are given, and cases of fraud alluded to, &c.

Gilda ilurifabroruni

A History of English Goldsmiths and Plateworkcrs and their Marks stamped on Plate, copied in facsimile from celebrated Examples and earliest Records preserved at Goldsmiths' Hall, London, with their names, addresses, and dates of entry, 2500 Illustrations; also, Historical Account of the Goldsmiths' Company and their Hall Marks and Regalia ; the Mint Shop Signs ; a Copious Index, &c. 267 pp., royal 8vo, cloth, 12s.

The Collector's Hand-Book

il arte anii ¿fflonogratus on


Of the Renaissance and Modern Periods selected from his larger work (eighth edition)


" fHarits auto fHouagtams an ¡Poltero anti ^Porcelain " With upwards of 3500 Marks

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