The distribution of Mycenaean pottery in Italy has been subdivided by Lucia Vagnetti into three broad chronological periods: LH I-LH II, LH IIIA-LH IIIB and LH IIIB-LH IIIC.1 Even though all three sites which have been discussed in the preceeding chapters cover more than one of these periods, the Mycenaean pottery at each of them is concentrated in specific periods. Most of the Mycenaean pottery at Lipari belongs to the early period (LH I-LH IIIA1); at Thapsos most Aegean vessels can be assigned a LH IIIA2-LH IIIB date, while Broglio yielded predominantly Mycenaean material from LH IIIB and later. The differences and similarities between these sites, therefore, may be the result of chronological developments. They may also be caused by the different nature of the archaeological remains at these three sites.

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