First group

  1. Amphora K 1 (2049) (Fig. 3)
  2. 0.77 m; made up of many pieces.

Biscuit beige, without painted decoration; potter's mark on the handles.

Biscuit reddish yellow on the surface; porous and

Fig. 2 Early Mycenaean 'chamber system' of the Outer Extension (1987)

splintery; "firnisartige Mattfarbe"; decorated with circles.

3. Amphora K 13 I/1 (3422) (Fig. 4) H. ca. 0.45 m (complete).

Biscuit beige yellow; "firnisartige Mattfarbe"; decorated with bends and scrolls.

Biscuit reddish yellow on the surface.

5. Jar (?) K 10 I/10 (3110) (Fig. 8a, b) Fragments.

Biscuit with a greenish look; "firnisartige Mattfarbe"; late "Aeginetan" decorative scheme.

Very fine greenish biscuit; light green-beige slip; "firnisartige Mattfarbe"; decorated with spirals and bends.

7. Bend-bowl K 8 I/1 (Fig. 9a, b) Fragment. D. ca. 0.18 m.

Biscuit with a greenish look; "firnisartige Matt farbe"; wavy line. Traditional shape.

8. Cup K 4 I/1 (3264) (Fig. 10a, b) Fragment. D. ca. 0.15 m.

Biscuit with a reddish look; vertical panels and wavy lines. Local variation of a P-cup.

9. Cup K 8 I/7 (Fig. 11a, b) Fragment. D. ca. 0.15 m.

Biscuit reddish beige on the surface; "firnisartige Mattfarbe".

10. P-cup ("Aeginetan") K 8 I/4 (Fig. 12a, b) Fragment.

Local clay; "firnisartige Mattfarbe".

11. Straight-sided cup K 8 I/2 (Fig. 13a, b) Fragment. D. ca. 0.7 m.

Local clay; very fine biscuit; "firnisartige Mattfarbe".

12. Goblet K 8 I/5 (Fig. 14a-c) Fragments. D. ca. 0.22 m.

Biscuit soft; orange-reddish splintery slip, smooth burnished. Early shape.

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