The world atlatl association

P.O. Box 56, Ocotillo, CA 92259-0056

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Phone: (619)358-7835 Member ship includes subscription to THE ATLATL, Newsletter of THE WORLD ATLATL ASSOCIATION. Keep informed of atlatl contests and results, archaeological finds and new studies from around the world. We welcome as members, anyone who is interested in the ancient hunting weapon, the atlatl, and agrees with the objectives of the association. Send for your new membership brochure today. $10.00 Domestic/$ 12.00 International per year. Quarterly. Also visit their web site at

Journal of the Great Lakes Primitives

Newsletter on various primitive skills and activity. George Hedgepeth, Editor, G-3450 South Linden Rd., Suite 119, Flint, MI 48507 $ 10.00 per year

Also visit their web site at:

JBoomeroii^ W&wm

A popular international newsletter on the subject of boomerangs and throwing sticks from around the world. A newsletter exchange program is maintained with almost every club in the world to insure readers of up-to-date information in each issue. Highlights on competition, new products, technology, collectibles, history, science and more. This is THE resource for boomerangs and their related products. Back issues are available. Ted E. Bailey, P.O. Box 6076, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, Phone: (313) 971-2970 E-mail: [email protected] WWW Home Page: httpV/ic.netMbailey/ 8 Issues for $ 10.00 per year (Canada $ 12.00, Overseas: $20.00)


Flintknapping and other related topics. Some really super articles and resources.

Robert Love, 8185 Kiowah Trail, Pinckney, MI 48169 $10.00 per year dirt timea/JBarth Skills

A great newsletter on tracking and other earth skills. Jim Lowery, 1113 Cougar Q., Frazier Park, CA 93225 $ 12.50 per year ($15.00 International)

primitive archer

--&-wilderness way

P.O. Box 209, Lufkin, TX 75902-0209 Steve Hulsey, Editor Primitive Archer is the magazine for those who make and hunt with their own bows. Deals strictly with primitive bows and arrows. Wilderness Way covers lots of other primitive skills. Both excellently done.

Visit us on the Internet

backwoodsman magazine

P.O. Box 627, Westcliffe, CO 81252 Great magazine on various subjects., such as homesteading, gardening, self sufficiency, primitive skills and more. I year, $15.00. 2 years $28.00

The Cast

Newsletter of the Michigan Atlatl Association 7273 Hamburg Rd., Brighton, MI 48116 Also visit their web site at

TRIBE needs your help and here are some creative ways you can help YOUR primitive skills network. We hope you will read this and take it to heart. WE REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

TRIBE is truly making a grand effort to provide a network to benefit all. Many have told us they appreciate the quality learning opportunities we offer, the family atmosphere, the affordable prices we charge, as well as unselfishly sharing about other quality learning opportunities and resources. We endeavor to be a quality organization that serves and challenges the experienced primitive technologist and experimental archaeologist, as well as anyone that just has an interest in primitive skills.

Thank-you to all who have written for the kind words. So many support us in so many ways and we are VERY grateful and do our best to show you in some way how much we appreciate it. But, we have got to be honest We really need your financial support! We really hate to ask, but we know many of you love what TRIBE is doing and will be grateful we let you know our need. Please take the time to think about how you can support TRIBE. No gift or effort is too small. Below is a list of our needs as well as some ideas on how you can support TRIBE. We also want to hear from you with any ideas you may have. Please take this plea seriously and please take the time to read this. We would not ask if we truly did not need your help. In addition to what is noted below, let us know your ideas. We know our readers are some of the most creative people there are. So get those creative wheels turning! Write! Call! E-Mail! Let us hear from you!



Cash, checks and money orders are always welcome. Our legal status is civic organization, however, we operate completely non-profit. No one on TRIBE's staff gets the money you send us. It all goes back into the organization.


TRIBE has some really great learning opportunities! Every issue of the newsletter contains TRIBE's exciting schedule of workshops for the year. Be sure and check the TRIBE WORKSHOPS section for several opportunities that are already available They are all reasonably priced, $30-$45 in most cases.

TRIBE is still in need of donations of building materials and office equipment and furniture for our office, we are trying to build. We really need a special area to work out of. We have a professional carpenter who is willing to donate 3 days of his time to build our office, named Velton Austin, so help us get the materials we need. Help us out any way you can.

Here is a great way to contribute to TRIBE. One of our biggest bills, besides publishing this newsletter, is our phone bill. We are always having to call someone to answer questions, help a person find a resource and other reasons. You can help us out by buying those phone cards that are just about available in every convenience store and mailing them to us for our use. These cards pay for time on the phone we can use to call some of you and meet your needs and answer your inquiries. Also, where possible, please write us. If you have a need I can furnish by mail, it is a whole lot cheaper. Be assured, I will answer your letter.


We do get bulk rate for mailing this newsletter, but you would not believe the other mailings we send out that we have to send standard postage, because you cannot use bulk rate unless you have 200 identical pieces to mail. So, please remember us when you buy a book of stamps and buy an extra book of stamps to mail to us. We need 32 cents, 55 cents and 78 cents stamps as well as post paid postcards.


Without a doubt, during my involvement with TRIBE and primitive skills people, I have seen some of the finest artisans in the worid! If anyone has an item they make that they can donate to TRIBE, please do so. We will be glad to acknowledge your donation to help promote what you do, if you wish. We could sell these items, somehow, if we had them and use the funds raised to help our organization

How about you hosting an event, archery shoot, auction, raffle or a workshop with all proceeds donated to TRIBE. This would be a tremendous gift to us. We could assist you, if you need a location or staff.


Along those same lines, book a workshop through us. TRIBE will do all the advertising, provide the students, collect the money and provide a staff for the price of 20% of the money taken in and free participation of the staff. You may even mark up the price of the workshop 20% so you get exactly what you are asking for the workshop.


Teaching workshops sure does zap your supply of deer hides! If anyone has any they need to get rid of please let us know here at TRIBE. During hunting season please do us a favor and don't throw away or turn down deer hides. Give them to us here at TRIBE. We always have need of them and always share with those who need them as we are able. This also applies to any 'legal' parts that you have no need of any wild animal. Particularly, deer hides, deer bones, sinew, turkey parts (entire hides, feathers, bones, feet, etc.). If you wish to donate any wild meat that you need to get out of your freezer, please let us know. We will gladly share such donations at our events, classes and/or those in need.

There are still plenty of TRIBE T-shirts left. All the artwork on these T-shirts is original in design, by Benjamin Pressley. All T-shirts are now only $10.00!

  • Shipping: $2 U.S. $4 Canada. $6 International.). We now have 4 different designs. Past year's shirts are limited in sizes available.

Below you will find a copy of our ad. If you have a newsletter you do, a web page or would pay the expense of running this ad in a local newspaper, please copy it. cut and paste it, blow it up and make a flyer out of it, copy it and post it on a bulletin board or whatever and nin our ad somewhere, so people will know about us. Along those same lines, link up to our web page, if yo.u or someone you know has a web page.


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