Stone Working Technologies Pecking

By Benjamin Pressley

A hard, quartzite, flint or diobase pebble works very well as a hammer. It is also desirable to find a stone with a natural point to the striking end. If you cannot find a stone that is pointed you may be able to modify it with direct percussion techniques, depending on the quality of material you have on hand.

To wear a bowl-shaped depression in a stone strike the center sharply with the hammer stone and strike in circles around your chosen center point. Continue until you have worn out the depression you wish. To peck a groove around a stone axe you have ground for the purpose of holding it bound on a handle, you similarly strike and follow a line around and then continue slowly over the same path until the desired groove is worn.

Pecking is a technology that is one of the more easily mastered primitive stoneworking technologies. It was used by primitive peoples to produce many useful items and is still worth mastering today.

Pecking is taking one stone in hand as a striking tool that is of harder composition than the stone you are striking and striking the surface of the stone until a depression or groove is formed.

Direction of Travel of Hammerstone

Direction of Travel of Hammerstone

Surface Being Worked

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