Nature Knowledge

Mel T. Deweese Instructor

Ret. USN "SERE/JEST' Instructor 1825 Linden St., Grand Junction, CO 81503

Phone: (970) 242-8507 •Wilderness Survival Skills # Tipi Camps

20 years experience worldwide. He has trained military personnel in desert, jungle, arctic and mountain areas. He is featured in the Woodsmoke videos and books for his fire making knowledge. You will leam a lot and have a great time at these camps. He teaches a combination of primitive knowledge and being prepared. Programs: Tailored 1 hour to 3 day programs. "NK"-#1, "SERE"-#2. All Ages. For more information contact Mel Deweese at the address above.


Richard & Linda Jamison 11401 Willow Hill Dr., Sandy, UT 84092 Phone: (801)571-1790 Woodsntoke has been around since 1977. The Jamison's have been practicing primitive skills for over 20 years and are very well respected in the field. Woodsmoke began as a journal and has, since discontinuing the journal, compiled three books: The Best of Woodsmoke. WOODSMOKE: Collected Writings On Ancient Living Skills and Primitive Outdoor Skills. Books mentioned are $15.95 + $1.50 P&H. Videos are priced as indicated + $3.50 P&H. They also have some very well made videos. Videos available: Fire I: Jim Riggs teaches how to make a hand drill fire. (30 min.)

Fire 11: Richard Jamison teaches how to make a bow and drill fire.

(30 min.) Price: $34,95 Fire III: "Mountain' Mel Deweese teaches how to make a fire using many exotic methods used by primitive peoples from the tropics, such as fire cylinder, fire saw, fire thong and fire plow. (30 min.) Price: $34.95 Shelters: Richard Jamison teaches the elements for building a wickiup and many principles that apply to all shelters. (30 min.) Price: $34.95 Primitive Cooking: Richard Jamison teaches 5 methods of cooking in the outdoors, such as pit cooking, stone oven baking, spit cooking, skewering and ash cooking. (30 min.) Price: $34.95 Primitive Process Pottery: Wayne Brian teaches all the essentials for making pottery in the wilderness. From selection of materials to outdoor firing. (60 min.) Price: $44.95

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