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If you or anyone you know is hooked up to the Internet please link up with us, but please do not print our phone number on the Internet, Thanks for understanding! We can more efficiently serve inquiries by mail. We would love to talk to everyone, but, our volume of calls consumes much of our time. Internet address is below.


"What Happened??? There I was perusing the TRIBE homepage and thoroughly enjoying myself when I decided to check out the photos. I remember seeing what appeared to be a bearded being blowing a tinder bundle to flame and then—my monitor blew up!! Could this Neolithic practitioner be better at afire bow than anyone ever suspected??? Glad to see we have arrived. Many thanks to Ted."

—Richard Washam (Huntersville, NC)


Tlianks to all who continue to support TRIBE in the many tangible ways tliat you do. We have had more two year renewals this year than ever which shows that our members are acknowledging their confidence in us and the fact that we are here to stay.

I would like to extend thanks this issue to Linda Jamison for the donation to us of $50.00 and the very encouraging letter she wrote to us (Be sure and check out excerpts from that letter following the "NOTES" section). If you haven't heard of Linda and Richard Jamison and the work they do and the resources they have available, be sure and write. Their publication the WOOD SMOKE JOURNAL had a lot to do with pioneering such activity in networking as TRIBE and others now do. They no longer produce WOOD SMOKE JOURNAL but have a couple of books and some excellent videos you may wish to inquire about. For more details see their ad in this issue in the "Primitive Skills Instruction..." section.

Also thanks to Bob Booth of Bob Booth's Primitive Weapons for requesting a stack of flyers to give out at places he sells Iiis interesting inventory of primitive weaponry. You really ought to check out his catalog of blowguns, bolas, atlatls and slings (More detailed review in RESOURCES section of this newsletter.). His catalog may be requested from: Bob Booth's Primitive Weapons, 6043 N. Minnesota, Portland, OR 97217.

Also thanks to everyone who visited us and supported us at Wolf Creek Indian Village in Bastian, VA and at the buffalo ranch in Paint Bank, VA.

We want to thank George Hedgepeth (Great Lakes Primitives, Flint, MI) for all the leg work he did in connecting us with a great deal on a computer. If you are looking for a computer and are in the Flint, MI area or don't mind service from a distance, be sure and get in touch with Lance Shinabarger at Twilight Technologies, G-5304 S. Saginaw St., Hint, MI 48507, Phone: (810) 695-8933, e-mail: [email protected]. They can save you a lot of money and will custom build a computer for you, in most cases well below the cost of a computer from a discount computer störe. We would gladly have did business with them except for the fact we opted for a place where we could get service closer to our home. Tell Lance that George Hedgepeth and Benjamin Pressley recommended them. We can also recommend the place we got our computer from who had a service outlet nearby our office. Check out Gateway 2000,1414 Genessee, Kansas City, MO 64102-1048. If you call Gateway contact the very helpful sales lady I talked to. Her name is Tuesday Lammers, Phone: 1-800646-2036, extension 55128. Tell her Benjamin Pressley recommended her.

We still really need your help and I will continue to print ways you can help us toward the end of this issue. Check this list out often, for there are new ways being added every issue. Please help us in any way that you can. Help us get the word out in your area. We will be glad to send a free stack of flyers to anyone who can use them. Just send your request with how many you want. We also encourage people to make copies for themselves and pass them out, especially if you do some type of

VISIT TRIBE ON THE INTERNET TRIBE is on the worldwide web! TRIBE has a home page on the Internet. It contains pictures and information on how to contact us, what we are about, information on TRIBE Gathering and more.

Please check us out. Our Internet address is: You can E-Mail us at: _[email protected]_

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