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This is not meant to be an exhaustive directory of primitive skills instructors we know about. If we have a current schedule of workshops that an instructor has provided us with you will find them listed in the 'EVENTS' or 'WORKSHOPS' section of the newsletter.




(Earth Awareness Rediscovering Tribal Heritage) Silver Water Retreat, 2511 Bald Fork Rd., Todd, NC 28684, Phone: (910)385-1401

"Nature based programs offering individuals the opportunity to gain outdoor living skills while experiencing life as it may have been lived by our early tribal ancestors." 0Hawk Hurst QAyal Hurst tGinger Pearsall 0Sean Sweeney

Experience early tribal culture, primitive living skills, sleep in a tipi or earth shelter, swimming, singing, drumming, dancing, storytelling-AU set amidst the beautiful Appalachian Mountains near Boone, NC. 217 acres of waterfalls, wildlife and woodlands Jots of fun! Call or Write For Complete Brochure & Registration

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