It Has Been A Great Year Thanks For An Your Support



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Stone Working Technologies: Pecking by Benjamin Pressley Following Page 3

It's basic, but it's still one of the most useful of stone working technologies.

Primitive Pottery Use Notes by Steve Watts JPage 5

Steve Watts (Aboriginal Technologies, Gastonia, NC) gives some valuable insights for use and care of primitive pottery. Fast, Survival Bow Drill Strings: Why Spend Time Fiddling With Your Bow? (Part 2 of 3)

by Barry Keegan Page 5

An excellent article that covers 3 years of research experimenting with various barks, stalks, roots and runners as cordage material that will hold up under the pressures of bow and drill fire making.

Delicate Points May Not Have Been Practical from Mammoth Trumpet Vol 10. No. 3 Page 10

Collecting Your Own Escargot by Christopher Nyerges Page 22

Christopher Nyerges {School of Self Reliance, L.A., CA) Shares his knowledge in the field on gathering and preparing snails.



It has been a fabulous year at TRIBE! Thanks to you!


A special letter from Linda Jamison (Woodsmoke).



The column that dares to take on questions from our readers on primitive, survival and wilderness living skills 55th Annual Gourd Festival of the Gourd Village Garden Club by Susan Geno Page 19

Susan Geno has shared many articles now with us on the subject of gourds, their ancient uses, crafting and uses for us modern primitives. She has been involved with a gourd club that has been a useful resource for her and she wishes to share this great gourd resource with all of you, as well as tell you about a great new book on the subject.

HELP! Page 21

How you can help support TRIBE in its hour of need and year-round.

TRIBE Gathering Registration Form INSERT

Get ready for the best event we have ever had! We are already hearing from many instructors who have said they will be there to share with you. A limited number of registrations will be allowed, so don't wait, get that registration form and at least a deposit in now! WE WANT TO SEE YOU THERE! FEATURES:

Notes Page 2

Neolithic Blues by Kim Pressley Page 8

Upcoming Events Page 12

Workshops/Classes Page 13

Primitive Skills Instruction & Programs

Directory Page 13

TRIBE Instructors Directory Jage 15

TRIBE Workshops Page 15

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New Books In Review Page 16

Resources Page 17

Newsletters!Magazines Directory Page 20


Due out March, 1997

*Using Green Wood For Friction Fire Making

Can't always find that perfect piece of dry, dead wood? Learn from many different people what they do in this situation. *Bow & Drill Troubleshooting Tips Most common errors of bow & drill fire making. *The 10 Second Fire Saw

You've seen 'Mountain' Mel do it on the Woodsmoke video with bamboo. You've heard Neel Carpenter talk about the fire lighters of the Wola people of New Guinea. Now, Barry Keegan and Mike Fairbanks show us how to do it with woods from our own backyard!

^Southern California Arrow Making * AND MUCH MORE!

It has been a tremendous year for us all at TRIBE! Don't you agree? Membership and renewals are at an all time high. We now have members in 46 mainland states, Canada, New Guinea and Guam. TRIBE hit the Internet community with a great information page. Already, as a result of it, we are networking with new people in Belgium, Canada and Spain.

TRIBE Gathering was a great time. We had a lot of new instructors and some that did not make it the year before returned again. It was so good to see everyone. There were sessions taught in bone working, natural ground beds and shelters, pottery, European prehistoric shelter design, atlatls, cane straightening, blow guns, bark buckets, basketry, gourd work, edible and medicinal plants, wood carving, lots of children's activity and much more. We had drumming all the way from Senegal, Africa (Bamba Ndiaye). We were also privileged to have Larry Dean Olsen (Anasazi Foundation, Outdoor Survival Skills) share with us.

Workshops were well attended. What a great time we had at workshops on Ashiko Drum Making (Kevin Jeter), Braintan Buckskin (Robert Likas), Flintknapping (Jeff Holshouser), Primitive Fishing Technologies (Benjamin Pressley), Bamboo Flutes (Mike Geno), Primitive Pottery was taught by Steve Watts (Aboriginal Studies, Gastonia, NC) and Atlatls (Benjamin Pressley).

TRIBE was also invited many places this year to do presentations, such as: Benjamin Pressley presented programs at National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps Conference. Benjamin also did a program on blow guns at Toltec Mounds State Park in Arkansas and taught braintan to a group at Wolf Creek Indian Village (Bastian, VA). He and James Parker taught skills to the guides at Wolf Creek Indian Village project. The entire staff and Sam Lawson (Tacachale Programs, Dudley, GA) and Jeff Gottlieb (Massapequa, NY) presented a series of programs for the Georgia public school system at Obediah's Okefenok (Waycross, GA). The entire staff also helped support Virginia's archaeology month by doing presentations in Bastian, VA. Mike and Susan Geno and Robert Likas presented a variety of skills at the buffalo ranch and auction in Paint Bank, VA.

The future is ahead of us and with your support, we can continue to be YOUR network, bringing together people and resources for everyone who is interested in primitive skills.

Already plans are in the making for the best TRIBE Gathering ever. Already we have heard from many instructors as well as some of your favorite entertainers. This year's event promises to have some new surprises to get us into the wild and leam lots of new things. There are also plans in the making for a great conference on the subject of fire making that will be a joint effort with some northern groups like Great Lakes Primitives that promises to draw some highly skilled people together to share knowledge with one another.



JUNE 12-15, 1997

Midland, NC

(Just outside of Charlotte and Mint Hill at a privately leased camp.) Primitive skills are a common heritage to all people. No matter where in the world your ancestry originates there was a time your ancestors lived with only what nature provided. Join us for 3 days of instruction In primitive skills, camping, primitive weapons competitions, storytelling and fun for the whole family! This event attracts instructors and people from all over. It is a fun-filled, hands-on, learning experience. This event is for the primitive technologist, experimental archaeologist or anyone who has an interest in the skills of the pre-historic past. Register today. We are accepting a limited number of people and no one may register at gate, day of event, all must register in advance.

Price for all 3 days as follows: $65 Individual. $100 Family of 4 (Plus $20 each for every additional child over 5 years old.). FREE, Children under 5 years old. $25 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place. Balance due 30 days before event. Complete information and schedule will be mailed closer to date of event to those registered. We are accepting a limited number of volunteers for discount admission. Please inquire if interested. ADDRESS ALL INQUIRIES AND REGISTRATIONS TO: TRIBE, P.O. Box 20015, Charlotte, NC, USA



tribe: an international community

More and more everyday TRIBE is becoming an international community. We are proud and excited people from many different parts of the world are inquiring about TRIBE and some have even joined and became part of our TRIBE. We know this is only the beginning. From the very beginning when we decided upon the name of our organization we chose tliis name to represent the tribe of all humankind. Interacting with different cultures and the skills they possess and the knowledge they have of their indigenous people is a privilege that we are proud and thankful to be a part of. The world is becoming smaller all the time with advances in communications. Many are taking advantage of this bridge of communication to bring our world a little closer together, helping us to all realize we all have one thing in common: we all are human beings. Though there are many tribes scattered throughout this globe, deep down we all together are really only one tribe.

TRIBE is proud to take the hand of all who wish to join hands with our common heritage. We pledge to continue to do our part to keep a fire burning that we all can join together as one. Learning, educating, connecting people and resources and preserving the skills "" of our past, as far as our resources and support from people like you will allow us.

WELCOME to everyone who has joined us around our fire. Welcome to everyone from every part of the globe. Please join us in telling others about the TRIBE and thank-you for any way that you can support our efforts. THE TRIBE IS TRULY GATHERING!

regarding e-mail to tribe on the internet

TRIBE is on the worldwide web! Thanks to the generosity of Ted Bailey (Boomerang News) TRIBE has a home page on the Internet. It contains pictures and information on how to contact us, what we are about, information on TRIBE Gathering and more.

Ted is managing this page until we get computer savvy enough to manage a web page for our self.

PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL TED BAILEY IF IT IS FOR TRIBE. PLEASE WRITE OR CALL US. TED DOES NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO MANAGE HIS E-MAIL AND OURS. I apologize for the misunderstanding in last issue when I said it was OK to E-mail Ted.

The good news is, since last issue, we have worked out our computer problems and are connected up to the Internet.

You can e-mail us at: [email protected]

We can't say enough thanks for what Ted is doing for us and others in supporting and promoting primitive skills. He is also doing the same for other groups such as The World Atlatl Association, The Michigan Atlatl Association and Great Lakes Primitives. It is support like Ted's that makes groups like ours flourish and helps get good information out to people that may not have access any other way. Ted also sets up commercial advertising pages on the web for anyone interested for reasonable rates.

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