Examples Of Items Producedby Pecking

Mano & Metate

(For Grinding)

Molusco Bivaldo Anatomia

Nutting Stone

(For Crushing Nuts)

Grooved Axe

Nutting Stone

(For Crushing Nuts)

Grooved Axe trade or sell table or do classes where people who are interested come. You may also request a master, white copy if you wish to help us out by running off copies for us and passing them out.

CANADA AND INTERNATIONAL RATE CHANGE It is great to have members in other countries. Welcome!

It is great to communicate and network with people from all over the world. But, Wow! It sure does cost to mail to other countries. Something we have no control over. To cover our costs, rates for membership will be as follows: U.S., NO CHANGE, Still just $10.00 per year. Canada, $14.00 per year. International, $18.00 per year.


If it has it is very important that you let us know. The Post Office now requires that we print "Address Correction Requested" on all our bulk mailings. This means that every time someone moves and doesn't tell us, that it is going to cost us 50 cents because your newsletter comes back to us informing us that the address on the newsletter is incorrect. Not only that, but we have to turn around and mail it back to you at the standard mailing rate which is usually 78 cents. So you can save us $1.28 by letting us know your address has changed. That might not sound like much, but you multiply that times several people and it adds up quick, not only that, it delays you from getting your newsletter on time. Thanks for your help on this!


There has been a few inquiries regarding back issues of the newsletter lately. Back issues 1-22 are available for $3.00 each (Canada $4.50. International $6.00). Reprints of specific articles cost the same as a back issue. Copies of the latest issue are $2.50 (Canada $3.50. International $6.50.) This price includes postage and handling.

Next issue I hope to list a copy of articles available in the back issues of the newsletter. Anybody interested in this list any sooner please send $2.00 to cover shipping and handling.

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