Over the years, many scholars have helped immeasurably, by discussion, by letter, and through publications. Accordingly, I wish to thank D. A. Amyx, J. L. Benson, D. von Bothmer, N. Bookidis, H. A. G. Brijder, C. M. Edwards, G. R. Edwards, J. Fisher, R. Guy, S. Herbert, L. Kahil, C. Koehler, P. Lawrence, I. D. McPhee, M. B. Moore, S. I. Rotroff, J. Salmon, L. Siegel, K. W. Slane, E. L. Smithson, R. S. Stroud, H. A. Thompson, and C. K. Williams, II. They are certainly not responsible for any errors or omissions.

For the photographs, I am indebted to J. Heyl and particularly to I. Ioannides and L. Bartzioti; for the profiles and restored drawings, to D. Peck, M. Palaima, and J. Ingram. I am grateful to W. B. Dinsmoor, Jr. for his architectural work in the Sanctuary and to David Peck for his plan, printed here as Plan A. Three fine potmenders have recreated vessels out of displaced small fragments, the labor of many years. S. Bouzaki helped immensely by her fine work of restoration and conservation.

The University of Maryland at College Park was very generous with sabbaticals in 1972 and 1979/1980, and with grants from the General Research Board for the summers of 1970, 1974, and 1978. Without the facilities and the support of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the Corinth excavation staff, this volume would never have been possible.

Above all I am indebted to the Corinthians. When I was asked to work on the pottery from the Demeter Sanctuary, I accepted for a number of reasons. First, I knew how varied and important the material was. Moreover, the study would be done in Corinth, a wonderful place to work. And most important, I would be able to collaborate with three scholars and friends, Nancy Bookidis, Ronald Stroud, and Charles K. Williams, II. As a token of thanks for their patience in working with me, for reading countless drafts of the manuscript, and for constant support and advice, I dedicate this volume to them, and to my husband, Ian McPhee, for similar reasons.

Elizabeth G. Pemberton

Melbourne, Australia February, 1983

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