With A Foreword By William Harris

Catawba Indian Pottery

Contemporary American Indian Studies J. Anthony Paredes, Seríes Editor

Catawba Indian Pottery

The Survival of a Folk Tradition

Thomas John Blumer With a Foreword by William Harris


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Blumer, Thomas J., 1937-

Catawba Indian pottery : the survival of a folk tradition / Thomas John Blumer ; with a foreword by William Harris.

p. cm. — (Contemporary American Indian Studies) Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 0-8173-1383-4 (cloth : alk. paper) — ISBN 0-8173-5061-6 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Catawba pottery—Themes, motives. 2. Catawba Indians—Industries. 3. Pottery craft—South Carolina. I. Title. II. Series. E99.C24 B58 2004 738'.089'9752—dc2i


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The Catawba tradition has entered the third millennium with a tremendous strength. The transition is being accomplished by a large number of master potters. Foremost in this long list are

Earl Robbins Viola Robbins Margaret Tucker Cheryl Sanders Brian Sanders Marcus Sanders

Catawba Indian Pottery: The Survival of a Folk Tradition is dedicated to them.

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