North Carolina Mountain Trade Ware Shapes

This trade ware, centered on the Cherokee Indian Reservation, resulted in the production of a number of forms made to satisfy the local merchants. These shapes were encouraged by the traders. They felt such things were Indian enough in appearance to attract tourists. Some popular nineteenth-century shapes such as the canoe and bookends were encouraged by the merchants.

  1. cup/mug
  2. candlestick
  3. candlestick with Indian head
  4. candle holder
  5. bookends
  6. bookends with Indian heads
  7. toothpick holder
  8. turtle pencil holder
  9. turtle ashtray
  10. ashtray
  11. dog ashtray
  12. club playing card ashtray
  13. spade playing card ashtray
  14. diamond playing card ashtray
  15. heart playing card ashtray
  16. paper weight
  17. plain wall pocket
  18. Indian head wall pocket

19. canoe

  1. canoe ashtray
  2. canoe with Indian head lugs (pipe)
  3. canoe with flat Indian heads
  4. tepee tents

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