Fragment of Vases

  1. In the center of the fragment, a large crater. On each side, a satyr approaches. The one at the right is better preserved; only the head and the raised left arm are missing. He is nude except for a skin thrown over his shoulder. A staff behind him suggests that he held a thyrsus in his left; in his right, he holds a phiale. Of the other satyr only the left leg and hand and a part of the right thigh appear. With the left hand, he grasps the neck of a wineskin, from which he pours wine into the crater. At the right hand lower corner of the fragment, a plant stem and the foot of another figure.
  2. B. J. 96, pp. 61f. and pi. 4, No. 6; Not. Scav. 1884, p. 871, Gruppo III.

(d) Satyrs Gathering Grapes and Treading Them Out

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